Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the ideas in this blog or to collaborate on a project, anywhere in the world!


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  2. Dears

    I have all the pleasure to be in touch with you.I am Tarek Ramdan,an
    Egyptian lawyer and concerned with innovation in the field of
    justice.Currently I work on implementing an innovation in the field of
    meditation and arbitration through training head of the tribes and
    social leaders on the skills of arbitration and meditation among
    individuals and families to use them in the simple disputes that dont
    neither costs nor long litigation procedures.These community leaders
    practice arbitration voluntarily but I work on developing their work
    through making them work in organized groups through NGOs and
    accordance to the state regulations.
    This idea got many international awards and grants.
    I would like to say that cooperation with you in the coming days will
    inspire our work .
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Tarek Ramdan
    Egyptian Lawyer


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